If you’re a trans-activist promoting transwomen’s use of the public bathrooms here is my personal stance based on whatever argument you would choose.

1 – Transwomen should feel included in womanhood.

My answer is that this is not women’s problem. Trasnwomen are male and women in a public bathroom are under no obligation to uphold mens’ fantasies and/or delusions.

2 – Transwomen aren’t safe in the mens room.

Okay, still not women’s problem. But, I’d support additional unisex bathrooms for people that don’t feel safe in either one of the standard bathrooms. I would think the best idea would be a single room with sink included. If it really is about just wanting to pee in peace and safety then this functional idea should suffice.

3 – That’s not fair.

Neither is male pattern violence enacted upon women. Get males to stop being violent and we can discuss this again. Until then, it seems more than fair that women choose not to be in a vulnerable situation with people that are statistically more likely to hurt them (transwomen don’t lose that male pattern violence after transition). However, if males did stop being violent then it would be perfectly safe for transwomen to use the mens room and then we wouldn’t be talking about this again, because it’s just about peeing in peace and safety, right?